Can Electronic Cigarettes Help You Quit?

Officially, electronic cigarettes are not stop smoking devices; e-cig manufacturers market them as products that are intended to provide vaping pleasure. But anecdotal evidence has shown that these electric devices can help smokers give up their habit gradually. What is it that brings about this cut back in the use of tobacco cigarettes?

Experimenting with different nicotine strengths

When you decide to lower your tobacco cigarette usage, you inevitably suffer from withdrawal symptoms. To counter this, you can switch to a nicotine concentration that is comfortable and satisfactory for you. Different nicotine concentrations for electronic cigarettes are available in the market. Average smokers have reported that 18 mg to 24 mg of nicotine e-juice is enough to counter the withdrawal symptoms. Again, this differs from individual to individual. Some will find the transition to electronic cigarettes easier than the rest.

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